TinyBoy 2 L10/L16 Assembly Guide

TinyBoy (TM) 2 L10/L16 Assembly Guide v0.99c

This is the assembly guide for TinyBoy(TM) 2 L10 version.
Your DIY kit may be a little bit different as different slots of parts from the factory may be a bit different.

Preparing the case

This is the plates for the case. Let's do the preparation. First, please take off the protection paper from the plates.

Then, please do the following of the photos.

For Side 1

Preparation of the cables of the connection board

Please don't trust what had been written on the board, just follow the following photo. Please mark the sockets and plugs by yourself.

For Side 2

For Side 3

For the Top Side

For the Bottom Side

OK, we are now done. Then, let's join the case together. 
Before we start, please aware for the joints. Don't screw too hard as the plate is quite easy to be broken as the joints are weak.
Be careful! It is weak. Don't Hard screw. Just Soft screw when it just enough.

Be careful! It is weak. Don't Hard screw. Just Soft screw when it just enough.

Be careful! It is weak. Don't Hard screw. Just Soft screw when it just enough.

Be careful! It is weak. Don't Hard screw. Just Soft screw when it just enough.

Please follow the video to join the plates to form the case.

Prepare for the X module.

You are now in the half way. At this moment, we are going into a important part, to build the X module.

Please Put oil on to the Rods 1st.

Preparing the Y module

We are now going to work on the Y - Axis part.

Putting the Y module into the machine.

Please Put oil on to the Rods 1st.

For the accuracy of the machine, One rod is using fix hole and the second on is using a movable part for adjustment.

To adjust the Y platform, screw out a bit of the middle screw, push the platform to the left side, the screw it back. Then, do the same way with the right side. 

Preparing the Z module

Putting X module into the machine

Please Put oil on to the Rods 1st.

To do the Z rod Adjustment, please hole the X module as the following, and then screw the top screw of the triangle.  

Then, the adjustment is finished. The x module should be very smooth like a Guillotine.

To adjust the Z rode,

Then, put the long screw onto the Z module 

Preparing the Extruder

And Put the Extruder onto the machine under the hole of the fan.

Preparing the hot-end and put it into the X module

From the left: Heater socket, Temperature sensor socket, Fan socket.
Warning: Please make sure the sensor cable and fan cable are not swap. Otherwise the fan socket will be short circuit. 

Put it onto the X module

Wire Connection

Before Using, please goto Here to do 0 level calibration of Z-axis of your machine.

Also, you can goto Here to learn more how to calibrate the machine to get a better printing quality.

Safety First. Please stick the warning signs on the machine to remain people.


  1. Hi. I just assembled the J10. Presumably an earlier version than the L10? In any case, here are my comments, mostly regarding where things differed from the instructions above:

    * Would be great if the sides were labeled (front, left, right, back, bottom, top)
    * Would be great if there were a chart showing the various screw sizes with a label for reference on the few occasions where a different size screw is used. (I appreciate the extra screws in the package as children will lose them.)
    * Before assembling the box, it is probably easier to have put all of the components that come out of the sides in place.
    * Looping the cable ties through but not tightening them before assembling the box makes it much easier.
    * You need to add the molex to the button on the bottom plate before assembling the box.
    * You need to run the motor cable from the horizontal axis through the hole in the corner of the bottom plate before assembly (or enlarge the hole) since the connector is too big to pass through.
    * It is not clear how the "adjustable" holes for the rods can be adjusted.
    * It is not clear how much slack to leave in the cables attached to movable elements.
    * Where does the lovely TinyBoy 2 Plexiglas label get mounted?
    * The motherboard should not be mounted until the end, since you need to fit other parts around it and to screw in wires.
    * I had to use another J10 to figure out how to do the wiring as the layout is quite different.

    It passed the smoke test. Next calibration. (I need to get some filament before I start printing.)

    It has been really fun so far. Thank you.

    1. Actually, base on the some testing record and information in the pass. We found out we need one machine that should met these below, reasonable buffer and practical printable gross area ratio, a common public acceptance factor of safety, highly reliable, can be operate under the reasonable maintenance, make most of the parts are available to open. According to the above requirements, there are some major model change, a true Junior version to everyone, the J10, the laster version, the J10 is improving the the inner wire system, power supply changed, but there have to finish the fully pressure, loading, stability, A sufficient numbers printing test to prove the practical failure rate. Thank you for support TinyBoy Project

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