TinyBoy 2 J10 (Beta) Assembly Guide version 0.99.04

TinyBoy 2 J10 (Beta) Assembly Guide version 0.99.04

 Thanks Idea Maker HK on contributing this assembly Guide.


Please take off the protect stickers.
The sand surfaces are the front of the plates.

We have 3 pack of screws, nuts and washers. The left one is the M3x6mm long screws, the nuts and washers, the middle one is all the other kinds of screws, and the right one is some screws, nuts and parts will use only once.

It is better to set up a good place while building your machine.

The following is the sequence for the machine building. 
For the TinyBoy 2 J10 (Bete), it does not include the Display & SD card modules, but you can buy the modules separately. If you need the Display & SD card modules, please ask for your suppliers.


The complete phase x
Phase X complete

Phase 1

Building the Base

Please prepare below for building Phase 1
M3x6mm x 12
M3x18mm x 5
M3 Nuts x 2
M3 washer x 3
Hexagonal copper pillars x 4
Hexagonal plastic pillars x 4
Nylon Washer x 2 (1+1)
Bearing x 2
Y stopper x 1
Y motor x 1
Z motor x 1
Motherboard set x1
XH 2.54 x 1
small round belt x 1

Start to build

(M3x6mm x2)

 (M3x6mm x 8) (Please mind the wires direction)

 (Hexagonal plastic pillars x 4) 
(Hexagonal copper pillars x 4)

use (M3x18mm x 3) to install the mothermoard


 (M3x18mm x1)

The completed base

Phase 1 completed

Phase 2
Building the X-platform 

Please prepare below for building Phase 2

M3x4mm x 2
M3x6mm x 8
M3x18mm x 3
M3 Nuts x 1
M3 washer x 5
Nylon Washer x 3
Bearing x 6
X+Z stopper x 1
X motor x 1
The red parts x 2+1(car)
short axixs x 2
Rould belt x1

(M3x6mm x 2)

(M3x4mm x 2)

(M3x6mm x 4)


(M3x18mm x 1) for below


(M3x18mm x 1) for below


Use the large circle belt

Please put oil on the rods before installing

(M3x6mm x2)

(M3x18mm x 1) for below

Follow the middle wire and mark it in black at the end
It is the command earth of X-stop switch and Z-stop switch.

The complete X-platform 

Phase 2 completed

Phase 3
Building the Extruder side

Please prepare below for building Phase 3
Red Plastic hook x3
M3x6mm x 6
M3x8mm x 1
M3x12mm x 1
M3x18mm x 1
M3x22mm x 2
M4x8mm x 1
Big Bearing x 1
M4x20mm cup head
M5x8mm cup head
Spring x1
M4 washer x1
Extruder motor x1
gold parts x1

(M3x12mm x1)
(M3x22mm x2)(right hand side both corner)

(M3x8mm x1)(top left corner)

(M3x18mm x1)(lower left corner)

(M4 nuts x 1)

(M4x8mm x1)(for bearing)

(M4x20mm cup head x1)
(M5x8mm cup head)
(Spring x1)

(M3x6mm x6)

The complete Extruder side

Phase 3 completed

Phase 4
Building the Front side (Display and card reader modules)

For the TinyBoy 2 J10 (Beta), they do not include the display & card reader modules, they are additional options. If you need the Display & SD card modules, please ask your suppliers for further information.

Please prepare below for building Phase 4
M3x8mm x 4

Front side

(M3x8mm x4)

Front side (with the display and card reader modules)

(M3x8mm x4)

(M3x8mm x4)
Phase 4 completed

Phase 5
Building the Y-platform 

Please prepare below for building Phase 5
M3x6mm x 4
M3 washer x 4

 Than build the Y-platform
(M3x6mm x4)
(M3 washer 4)

The complete Y-platform
Phase 5 complete

Phase 6
Building the printing head 

Please prepare below for building Phase 6
M3x12mm x 1
M3x35mm x 4
heater  cable x1
temperature sensor x1
Red (car) x1
Fan x1
E3D + heat sink Module 


(M3x35mm x4)

(M3x12mm) to replace the black one

The complete phase 6
phase 6 complete

Phase 7



Phase 8
Working the Assembly 1 join to box shape 

Please prepare below for Phase 7
M3x12mm x 10
M3x6mm x3
M3 Nuts x 10
M3x6mm x6
long axixs x 2

start to join to box shape 
M3x6mm x5

(M3x12mm x 5)
(M3 Nuts x 5)

 prepare install the Y axis and x platform 

(M3x6mm x3)

Phase 8 complete

Phase 8
Working the Assembly 2 install Z axixs 

Please prepare below for Phase 8
M3x6mm x 10
Nylon Washer x 1
 Bearing x 1

Please put oil on the rods before installing


screw shaft

Lift the X-platform to the top

Push the X-platform to the bottom
, do the free fall test

Phase 9
Working the Assembly 3 install Y axixs 

Please prepare below for Phase 9
M3x6mm x 10
short axis x2

Please put oil on the rods before installing 


Phase 10
Working the Assembly 4 printing head join to x 

Please prepare below for Phase 10


Phase 11 wires join

Working on Circuit and wiring

The marked black wire of the X-platfrom has to connect to the black pin of the Y-Stopper.

For the Fan of the Heater, please connect to wire directly to the power socket with the same colour as the diagram shown above.


Before Using, please goto Here to do 0 level calibration of Z-axis of your machine.

Also, you can goto Here to learn more how to calibrate the machine to get a better printing quality.

Phase 12 labeling

Safety First. Please stick the warning signs on the machine to remain people.


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